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Establish a Reliable, Private Network with Morris & Opazo and AWS – Direct Connect – Partner Chile

Establish a Reliable, Private Network with Morris & Opazo and AWS – Direct Connect – Partner Chile

Establish a Reliable, Private Network with Morris & Opazo and AWS Direct Connect

AWS Direct Connect

Amazon Web Services (AWS) Direct Connect provides a private, dedicated network from your on-premises environment to critical AWS resources. With AWS Direct Connect, you gain a trusted network connection at a lower cost compared to using general internet bandwidth.


Create a more consistent and trusted network environment by choosing which data utilizes the connection and the route it takes.


Quickly provision new connections to grow as your network requirements grow.


Gain greater control over latency and congestion, compared to public internet with a dedicated “freeway”


Send sensitive data through a trusted connection directly to your AWS environment.

Reduce Costs and Increase Capacity

Establishing a private connection between AWS and your on-premises datacenter can help reduce your network costs and increase bandwidth, while maintaining a more consistent connection than typical internet-based connections. Transferring data into AWS is always free, meaning you only pay for the data you extract from AWS. As your network demands increase, AWS Direct Connect makes it easy to provision new connections to meet your growing capacity needs. AWS Direct Connect has at least one location in each AWS region around the globe, and can connect to multiple regions in North America to support your network expansion.

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AWS Direct Connect Use Cases

The reliability and speed of AWS Direct Connect makes it an ideal choice for both organizations already operating on AWS and those looking to begin the migration process. AWS Direct Connect has a multitude of benefits and use cases, including:

Archival & Backup

Backup and archive data, without incurring additional costs to move it.

Big Data

Transfer large batches of data faster, without incurring additional charges, to your AWS environment through a private network.

Business Applications

Easily connect your on-premises applications with critical AWS services

Media and Entertainment

Provide your customers with a reliable and fast connection to media and entertainment sources via AWS Direct Connect.

About Morris & Opazo

We work with many public and private industries in both Chile and the Unites States -each initiative is infused with true passion and dedication to achieve success.

We focus on creating strong relationships with our partners and clients, and can proudly declare that 90% of our sales come from recurring clients.


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