AWS Lake Formation

AWS Lake Formation Building a Data Lake is a task that requires a lot of care. Although its level of complexity depends on several factors, including: diversity in type and origins of the data storage required demanding levels of security   no matter the multiple combinations that may occur between them (and many more factors), […]

Data Governance and Security - Morris & Opazo

Data Governance and Security

Versión Español Data Governance and Security Reduce security and privacy risks and meet compliance needs with a de-identified data lake Today’s companies amass a large amount of consumer data, including personally identifiable information (PII). This data contains a wealth of information that analysts can use to improve your business offerings; yet the sensitive data contained [...]

AWS Well-Architected Framework

Morris & OpazoPromoting Best Practices on AWSAdopting the AWS Well-Architected FrameworkVersión Español AWS Well-Architected FrameworkBuild your AWS foundation with Cloud Best PracticesPromoting Best Practices on AWS Creating a software system is a lot like constructing a building — if the foundation is not solid, structural problems could undermine the integrity of the building. When architecting [...]

CI/CD Basic Example – Amazon (AWS)

Versión Español CI/CD Basic Example: When we are talking about CI/CD (Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery) many times the concepts are considered more ‘philosophical’, forgetting about how to put them into practice. In this blog we exactly want to present you an approach of how to put into practice a basic CI/CD flow. It is very important [...]

Using Bootstrap Actions in EMR – Amazon (AWS)

Versión Español In the tool set AWS offers for Big Data, EMR is one of the most versatile and powerful, giving the user endless hardware and software options with the purpose of facing any challenge -and succeed- related to the processing of large volumes of data. However, a user working with the EMR console for [...]
¿Cómo se pueden ahorrar costos al trabajar con Amazon Redshift?

How to save costs when working with Amazon Redshift?

Versión Español Among the several factors that may affect the Amazon Redshift billing in an AWS account, it is worth of considering: A. Regions: Depending on the region, the same type of node may significatively change of price (price per hour, in American Dollars): An inadequate region may create an unnecessary overcost in the Redshift [...]

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