Diving Deep into Data Lakes – eBook – AWS Partner

Versión Español The Data Lakes are becoming more and more important within the Information and Technology areas of a company. Its functionality, versatility and power make a Data Lake a desirable tool to integrate the information with which an organization works, whether it generates it or simply disposes of it. Download

Backup & Recovery on AWS – eBook – AWS Partner

Versión Español Amazon Web Services (AWS) backup and recovery services allow customers to leverage Amazon object storage services like Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) and Amazon Glacier for cost-effective online storage of their backup data. Storing data in Amazon object storage eliminates the cost and maintenance needed to manage an on-premises storage solution. Download

Building a Data Lake on AWS – eBook – AWS Partner

Versión Español Organizations are tasked with managing greater volumes of data, from more sources, and containing more types of data than ever before. In the face of massive, heterogeneous volumes of data, many organizations are finding that to deliver timely business insights, they need a storage and analytics solution that offers more speed and flexibility [...]

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