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Amazon API Gateway - Morris Opazo

When an integral IT solution is developed in the Cloud, it is necessary to have the necessary tools so that the information can be used at each point of the process that requires it.

This ‘information highway’ must be safe and solid enough to be trusted by the company’s critical data. At any time you must ensure full control of what, who and how to access that information.

These requirements are fully met by Amazon API Gateway, and that is why at Morris & Opazo we rely on this technology to create, publish, maintain, monitor and protect our APIs, regardless of the scale.

If your company has an information ‘central point’, and this information should be used in different processes of your company, Morris & Opazo can give that ‘mobility’ to your data so that it has an even more important role in making decisions.

Low Costs

Like any other service part of the AWS Cloud, with Amazon API Gateway you pay only for the service consumed (amount of data transferred), without requiring minimum or advanced payments.


Amazon API Gateway also allows us to offer our customers vertical scalability, that is, to be able to respond to high traffic without requiring human intervention, to guarantee the correct functioning of the system.

Complete and Simple Monitoring

All the functioning and behavior of the APIs managed by Amazon API Gateway can be monitored through Amazon CloudWatch. This allows us and our customers to know at any time the current behavior of our APIs

Serverless Architecture

In addition, when combined with Lambda, Amazon API Gateway allows you to develop APIs without the need to think or design in a server infrastructure. This directly represents a decrease in total costs and an increase in the development of APIs.

There are no limitations so that your information ceases to be an ‘island’ and becomes a ‘living being’ that participates and collaborates in the various areas of your company that require it.

Add dynamism to your data so that it becomes useful and safe information through APIs developed by an Amazon Certified Professional Team. With the Amazon API Gateway we can rest assured that our APIs can accept up to hundreds of thousands of calls simultaneously, keeping traffic control, authorizations and access in all of them.

Success Stories

Through Amazon API Gateway, at Morris & Opazo we have developed fully managed services with the AWS Cloud (serverless). This technology has facilitated the availability of these microservices through the REST Architecture.

These solutions have not been adaptations. They are Cloud-native developments that reduce costs by avoiding paying for the time that their resources are not used. In addition, the increase in demand is no longer a cause for concern, automatically adapting to these changes typical of a dynamic economy like the one currently faced by companies.

Would you like to know how to take advantage of Amazon API Gateway in your company?

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