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Amazon DynamoDB - Morris Opazo

When it comes to accessing data quickly , no matter its scale, at Morris & Opazo we know we can count on DynamoDB. Its easy administration, reliable performance and automatic vertical scaling, make DynamoDB one of the first options we offer our customers for mobile and web applications.

Optimal Performance and Scalability

No matter if it is a small, medium or large application, DynamoDB has shown us that it has optimal stability and speed to be considered a primary service in our portfolio. The latency times that we have seen in our client developments have remained constant at the millisecond scale. 

Automated Management

Like all AWS services, DynamoDB does not require a hardware configuration that can have an impact on administrative and technological costs. Tasks such as database administration, hardware or software provisioning (including their corresponding updates and patches) will no longer be an obstacle to work immediately with DynamoDB. All this without sacrificing vital features in a database, like backups and data restoration.

Constant Monitoring

It is important for us to be able to instantly review the status of our developments, and Amazon CloudWatch has proven to be fast, accurate and consistent in this task. In addition to this, it allows to properly configure the scalability of DynamoDB, so that it responds according to the demands of use.

Programming by Events

By employing Lambda in our developments, at Morris & Opazo we offer our clients the ability to react to events with previously established characteristics, but which may have a variable scale or impact, without putting developed system at any risk.

Detailed Access Control

With AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) it is possible to restrict or allow access to DynamoDB databases, avoiding possible security ‘breaches’ and preserving the necessary agility to change access (as required).

Making the most of a NoSQL database so that it can be implemented in our clients’ applications, without requiring a high learning curve or a considerable development and coupling effort, have led us at Morris & Opazo to delve into this AWS service and reach the level of Certification that our Professional Team supports.

Success Stories

It does not matter if it is small or giant data volumes, with Amazon Kinesis we have achieved developments that involve videos, application logs, audios, website clicks. All of them with the aim of providing our customers with the most accurate and useful instant information, so they can respond with the speed that their consumers want.

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