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Amazon Kinesis - Morris Opazo

At Morris & Opazo we are aware that information is not static, not only evolves but also moves at speeds as great as those required to make decisions about them.

And that is why we have trained and trained to take advantage of Amazon Kinesis to collect, process and analyze streaming data in real time, and allow our customers to react timely to the data of their companies.

Real time

It is not necessary to ‘stop’ the information. With Amazon Kinesis we can save and process the data to the same extent that they are generated.


Complete Administration

Complex and tedious infrastructure management is not necessary. As an AWS service, Amazon Kinesis can be used without considering the installation, support and maintenance of hardware or software.

Adjustable Scalability

Amazon Kinesis allows you to work with a quantity of streaming data from multiple sources, with its corresponding processing, without it being necessary to know in advance the exact amount.

It does not matter if it is small or giant data volumes, with Amazon Kinesis we have achieved developments that involve videos, application logs, audios, website clicks. All of them with the aim of providing our customers with the most accurate and useful instant information, so they can respond with the speed that their consumers want.

Success Stories

Analytics are a fundamental part of the Big Data solutions developed by Morris & Opazo. They are the ‘window’ to information that our clients did not know completely, or simply ignored completely. With Amazon Kinesis we have been able to achieve that dynamic, scalable vision, without the need to slow down or stop it. Our clients have the necessary tools to determine the best action to take in critical moments of their companies.

Would you like to know how to take advantage of Amazon Kinesis in your company?

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