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Amazon Redshift - Morris Opazo

At Morris & Opazo our ‘strong’ is the Big Data Universe, a vital tool for our customers who want to make the most of the information available in their companies. Many times these data are ‘hidden at first sight’, and it requires experience and the right tools to make them visible to customers and end consumers (as required).


The most valuable asset of a company is its information. Amazon Redshift allows us to trust that, at all times, we will be able to control who accesses and to which data sets it has permission to access.


Amazon Redshift is supported by a technology of storage in columns that allows you to respond with high speed to queries in parallel between several nodes.

Low costs

As an element of the AWS Cloud, Amazon Redshift allows you to pay only for the consumption of your services. No need to pay in advance any value.


It does not matter if it is a new system or if it will be part of a larger set, Amazon Redshift has allowed Morris & Opazo to work with different data sources and database management systems, thanks to its compatibility with industry standards.

Vertical Scalability

At Morris & Opazo we do not want to limit the potential of information in our developments, and that is why, with automatic growth without requiring strict supervision, Amazon Redshift became our best option for data storage.

For this reason we have chosen Amazon Redshift as our data warehouse, since its high speed, even in highly complex analysis scenarios, makes Redshift present useful results in seconds and these can be used in Business Intelligence (BI) tools .

Also based on our experience we know that the data is not uniform in its structure, quantity and speed. It is important to be able to count on sufficient technology to process data without a high requirement of prior transformation.

Success Stories

Morris & Opazo has successfully entrusted the security provided by Amazon Redshift as the central axis of its developments in Big Data. Not only for its versatility to interact with a wide range of analytical and processing engines, but also for its strong and agile performance when it comes to highly complex queries.

Having accurate, reliable and quickly information can be the decisive tool in critical moments of a company. Morris & Opazo is aware of this and puts at your disposal the necessary Experience and Professionalism to take control of your data with Amazon Redshift.

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