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AWS Lambda - Morris Opazo

When we have needed to develop specific processes, with short execution times, and that respond to certain events, Morris & Opazo has chosen AWS Lambda as the most effective service in these scenarios.

With AWS Lambda you only pay for the execution time of the tasks, without requiring a previous configuration of hardware or software.

Managed Service

It is not necessary to devote efforts in the administration and configuration of servers. AWS Lambda takes care of it.
And like all AWS services, Lambda allows you to protect your data and access them through AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM).

Horizontal and Vertical Scalability

Lambda has no limits regarding the number of requests it can process, or the computation requirements for its processes. This adds a high and constant performance as the frequency of events increases.
In addition, by distributing its computing capacity in several availability zones in each region, Lambda protects the code in execution so that it does not run the typical risks of a program that runs on an individual computer (such as failure in data center installations).

Expanded Logic for AWS Services

With Lambda it is possible to increase the power of other AWS services, such as Amazon DynamoDB or Amazon S3.
All this without additional efforts or learning curves, since Lambda allows you to import functions without having to adapt them to specific languages or tools. AWS Lambda supports Java code, Node.js, C # and Python, among other languages.

Custom Back-end

Lambda allows you to create new services for applications that respond to events or custom link points. This facilitates and accelerates communication with the client and allows applications to be updated more frequently and easily.

Even Lambda functions can communicate and work with each other, which would allow a complex and large workflow to be built.

Success Stories

Because it is a dynamic, practical, fully managed (serverless) and multifunctional service, AWS Lambda has become the best option for Morris & Opazo developments when specific, short-term, and low-cost processes are required.

Would you like to know how to take advantage of Amazon AWS Lambda in your company?