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Morris & Opazo

APN Sales Brief  2020 – Morris & Opazo

APN Solution Brief Offer 2020 – Morris & Opazo

Commercial Presentation 2019 (PPT version) – Morris & Opazo

Commercial Presentation 2019 – Morris & Opazo

Commercial Presentation (Company overview) 2019 – Morris & Opazo

Awarding of Amazon Web Services (AWS) – Morris & Opazo

In the context of the Summit Partner 2018 in Chile, Morris & Opazo was awarded with two of the most important awards granted to its partners, by Amazon Web Services.

Presentation 2018 – Morris & Opazo

Learn more about Morris & Opazo, Advanced Consulting Partner of AWS: benefits of working with us, reviews of some of our clients, characteristics of our Big Data and Machine Learning solutions, and more useful information about our services.

Our trip as an AWS partner – Morris & Opazo

Brochure Presentation Services – Morris & Opazo

Informative brochure (4 pages, 2 sheets) with corporate information, why working with us, and some of our certifications.

Presentation Consulting – Morris & Opazo

Promotional piece (1 page) with some of our certifications, benefits of working with us, some of the AWS services that we work with, and some opinions of our clients.

Cloud-Based Big Data Ecosystem by Morris & Opazo

Create virtually any Big Data analysis application; support any work load regardless of volume, speed and variety of data. With more than 50 services and hundreds of features added every year, AWS provides everything you need to collect, store, process, analyze and visualize Big Data in the cloud.

Corporate Identity Manual

This manual explains how to use the image of the Morris & Opazo brand in different graphic projects. For this, we detail below information about our slogan, composition of the brand, its correct and incorrect uses, different versions, applications, corporate colors, typographies, applications of main graphic pieces.

Formatted Sheet – Morris & Opazo

Pack Logos – Morris & Opazo

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