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Remote Monitoring Systems for Electrical Substations (SSEE)

Web system that displays information associated with electrical substations in real time. Among other things, it shows the behavior and trends of currents, voltages, powers and frequencies. Additionally, it shows graphs of behavior in real time and history. The developed system, in addition to allowing the display of real-time information from remote communication systems, helps in preventing failures and reducing equipment downtime.

Aligned Reportability and Improvement System

The project consisted of the installation of equipment in different strategic sectors (Services – mine, plant and dock) and implementation of a system where the worker can file a complaint or raise a risk condition. This will be received by a person in charge who, through the resources he has, will be able to provide a solution or raise the recommendation to higher levels.

Corporate Websites of Grupo Aguas Nuevas S.A

The developed solution consisted of two implementations. On the one hand, the backend programming of the websites of the Aguas Nuevas Group companies was developed using the Model-View-Controller design pattern, and on the other, their content manager.

Among the main features of the content manager, the following stand out: Parameterization at the company level, Creation of news, Advice, Frequently Asked Questions, Tenders, Job Offers and the creation of personalized pages. Additionally, it consists of a file manager that allows you to manage the resources (images and files) that can be made available on the websites.


Paperless Integration and Internal Revenue Service (S.I.I)

The Windows tax document management service (GESDTE) is a tool used to integrate documents obtained from Paperless into the tax document system. This tool allows you to review the traceability of all documents, generating information emails.

Implementation of Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)

The SOA architecture, service-based architecture, aims to make transparent and optimize the flow of information from different systems. Through SOA, we seek to support the Aguas Nuevas group in integrations with old systems and future systems. Among some of the integrations carried out, the following systems were considered: Commercial Management System, Geographic Information System (ArcGIS), RILes control and inspection system, Production and purification system, Requirements attention system, Entry system for new clients, among others. It should be noted that the integration with ArcGis was carried out together with the company ESRI Chile. Through an orchestrator, the endpoints of the satellite systems are connected to the ArcGis system.

Monitoring of Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)

This system allows monitoring all the services included within the SOA Architecture implemented in Grupo Aguas Nuevas S.A. It allows you to keep track of all the processes carried out and generate alerts in the event that problems are generated. This system includes a Dashboard with graphs of integrations, events and errors. It allows the incorporation of new systems and through the trace and events menus it is possible to monitor them in real time.

SharePoint Platform Integration

The SharePoint Integration platform aims to manage the documents related to the systems of the Aguas Nuevas group, allowing control of all the files and the system to which they belong.

Commercial Management System

The SGC 2.0 commercial management system is a Web application for Administration, Monitoring, Control and Management of all the Commercial Activities carried out by the Aguas Nuevas group. It maintains information of all other commercial activity that you want to register. It provides consolidated and individual reports, becoming a fundamental tool for the management of the Commercial Management, which will have reliable and timely information.

Cash System 2.0

System that allows managing the entire payment process for drinking water and/or sewage services. Additionally, it allows parameterizing the system through a web administration interface, issuing management reports and monitoring the available boxes.

Collection Management System (SISCOB)

The collection management system’s main objective is to support management, providing an online platform for data entry, validating and allowing the generation of reports, among others. Automating and centralizing process information, thus reducing management times and delivering more reliable and expeditious information.

Customer Survey Platform (SISAEC)

Customer Survey System. The objective of this system is to generate, design and configure external customer satisfaction surveys. Once the clients have completed the survey, the user of the system will be able to analyze the results obtained.

Online payments

System that integrates the payment process for drinking water services with banking institutions. Thanks to this, clients of the Aguas Nuevas group can pay online for their service through the website of the company to which it belongs. Additionally, an integration service was implemented with the Servipag portal so that customers can pay their bills using this infrastructure.

Potential Evaluation System (SISEVP)

The potential evaluation system (SISEVP) aims to support the potential evaluation process, providing an online platform for data entry, validating and allowing the generation of reports, among others. Automating and centralizing process information, thus reducing evaluation and management times and delivering reliable and timely information.

Email Sending Consultation System (SISEMAIL)

System that allows the registration of email sending logs and/or comparison of emails sent by internal applications with what is reported by the MOVISTAR platform.

Systems Integration with SAP

Given the incorporation of the SAP system, it was necessary to integrate several systems, so that they could operate successfully with it.

Website Support Functions (FAS)

FAS manages drinking water service outages. The following are the modules that make up the system: • Administration of basic parameters • Administration of cuts • Consultations When entering a cut, the system notifies all the users affected by the cut by means of an email. In the same way, if the cut is canceled, users are promptly notified.

Tax Document Return System (DDT)

The DDT system allows control of the tax documents that are received in the companies of the Aguas Nuevas Group and that are not registered in SAP; because they do not comply with any of the platform restrictions, such as: • Document without reference: OC number. • Documents that exceed the tolerance range regarding the value of the document. • Documents with errors of form: written value different from the numerical value.

Fraud Control and Management System (CGF)

The Fraud Control and Management System is one of the most important systems of this health company, since it has allowed it to keep track of all the information, in addition to automating and centralizing everything related to this process. This system covers a wide range of needs, among which are: – Provide a single repository of documentation associated with: • audits • notifications • mandates, means of evidence

Production and Purification System (SPD)

The Production and Purification System focuses on operations management, and is responsible for controlling the processes of production and purification of drinking water. The system is in charge of keeping a complete record of all the variables that interfere in the water production processes, as well as controlling the residues produced by the purification process, informing online of each change or modification in any process. The SPD system is a complete and high-precision application.

System for the Incorporation of New Clients (SINC)

The New Customer Onboarding System is a powerful solution that handles the entire process of customer onboarding, registration, administration, management, and ending with enrollment. It is important to point out that there is traceability of all the operations carried out within the system. This system has the following modules: • Administration • Request • Feasibility • Project • Work • Consultation

Contract Management System (GESCON)

The Contract Management System aims to automate the registration, administration and management of contracts signed by the companies of Grupo Aguas Nuevas S.A. and third parties, as well as the tenders carried out by the Group companies, managing the guarantee documents associated with these contract and tender processes.

Purchasing Process Monitoring System (SPC)

The purpose of the Purchasing Process Monitoring System (SPC) is to support the management of the purchasing process carried out by the Fin 700 system.

Computer Assets System (SISATIC)

The purpose of the ICT Asset Management System is to automate the registration, administration and management of ICT assets, a process carried out by the Technical Support area of the Corporate Systems Sub-Management of Grupo Aguas Nuevas S.A.

Centralized Fixed Assets System (AFC)

This AFC system allows centralizing the assets from the satellite systems and Fin 700 in one place.

System of Pressures and Service Continuity (SIPRECO)

The SIPRECO system manages the information associated with service outages.

Industrial Waste Control and Supervision System (SICOFIR)

This system allows total control of all the components of the industrial waste that will be processed by the purification plants. In addition to generating the reports requested by the regulatory bodies.

Provider Service Portal (SISAP)

Supplier Service Portal will provide information about the payment status of the documents generated by the suppliers and will provide a query channel between the suppliers and the Aguas Nuevas Group.

Project Management Control (CGP)

The purpose of the CGP system is to have updated, detailed and consolidated information on the status of progress, cost and contingencies of the investment projects of the group companies, through the administration of the so-called “Investment Portfolios”. The CGP system has been designed so that each one of the “Project Managers” and their respective “Collaborators” can enter periodically and in a simple and expeditious manner, the progress of their projects and contracts in charge.

Document Control System (WorkFlow)

WorkFlow is a computer tool that automates a process, during which documents and information are passed from one participant to another for the adoption of measures, in accordance with a set of procedural rules. The benefits of this system are: • It allows the circulation of documents, whether they are Fee Tickets, Invoices, Credit Notes, Debit Notes, etc. Through nodes by means of paths or arcs, recording the residence times in each node. • Allows you to automate processes, which helps to eliminate unnecessary steps, improving efficiency.

Paperless Matic

Paperless Matic, aims to integrate Paperless and SAP systems. The service downloads the electronic documents from the Paperless web services and inserts them into SAP, after some business rules.

Aguas Nuevas Group Corporate Intranet

The intranet allows communication between the different departments and employees of the Aguas Nuevas group

Investment Records Administration System (AFIC)

Improving internal processes is one of the main tasks of the Aguas Nuevas group. In this line, one of the essential points is the execution of investments, which have their starting point in the preparation and subsequent approval of the investment files and contracts. The processing of files and their administration require the greatest speed since it involves resources and planning times for the company’s projects. Therefore, an application that allows the administration of project files is required. This application is the AFIC system.

Web Services Commercial Consultations

The objective of this web services has been to provide support for the commercial queries website

Computer Services Platform (PSI)

The PSI system is the tool that allows the Corporate Systems Sub-Management team to manage requests for technical support and systems support (assignment, follow-up and closure). It is also used to maintain the registration of servers, databases and systems of the Deputy Management.

Viatical System

The Travel System is an application that centralizes the administration and management of travel expenses, controlling tasks that range from the generation of travel expenses to the generation of the integration file with the PayRoll System.

Expense Reporting System (SISRGA)

The SISRGA system is a support tool in the preparation of reports for the Aguas Nuevas group, which aims to control and make this process more efficient, thus improving our level of service quality.

Expense Provisions System (SISPROV)

SISPROV allows to automate and validate the recording of expenses provisions of the Aguas Nuevas group, as well as to automate the integration of this information to the Fin700 System. The SISPROV System is an application that centralizes the administration and management of provisions, controlling such diverse tasks that range from the generation of provisions to integrations with the Fin 700 System.

SISS validator

SISS Validator This system allows validating the structure of the reports that will be sent to the SISS

Advertising System (SMP)

SMP is the publicity maintenance system of the Aguas Nuevas group, it allows you to manage the periods and the publicity that will be active on the site.

Requirements Attention Platform (PAR)

The Requirements attention platform allows to meet the internal requirements of the clients of the Aguas Nuevas group, this multi-process platform, allowed to automate the reception and management of the requirements of the different processes of the group companies, improving the quality and attention times of the requirements.

Shift Management System (SISSGT)

This system that aims to publish the shifts of; contractors, supervisors and contact personnel of Grupo Aguas Nuevas, for the assignment and/or notice of “Requirements” of clients made through the Entel Call Center.

QMS report generator control. It is a custom web control, developed to allow a quick and simple view of a web report. The control has the ability to generate a web form of a report, having as a configuration base an easily understood XML file with the appropriate structures that define a report. The XML file contains, among other elements, the “filters and SQL queries”, you can define the type of data of the filter, if it is required or not, its default value and if it has discrete or dynamic values.

Corporate Survey Platform (SISPEC)

The corporate survey platform allows you to create and customize the surveys that will be applied in the companies of the Aguas Nuevas Group.

Performance Evaluation Platform (SISEDE)

The General Objectives of the Performance Evaluation System (EDE) are to support the company’s performance evaluation process, providing an online platform for data entry, validating and allowing the generation of reports, among others. Automating and centralizing process information, thus reducing evaluation and management times and delivering reliable and timely information.

Asset Activation System (SIAC)

The purpose of the SIAC system is to support the process of activation and deregistration of goods, it allows users to group the costs, in such a way that after the approval process they can be activated, it also allows the creation of deregistration processes, both activation and deregistration processes. they generate outputs which are used as the main input of other systems. In addition to the generation and storage of annex 23.

SINETSUR System Update

The updating of the SINETSUR system made it possible to automate document management. The analysis of the Rayen System was also incorporated and the data was exported to the per-capita module of the SINETSUR system.

SINETSUR-RNLE integration

To carry out this integration, a Web Services orchestrated by JitterBit was developed to perform the integration with the Web Services of the RNLE (National Registry of Waiting Lists) of the interconsultations generated in the SINETSUR system.

Adaptation of SISMAULE modules

In order to carry out this adaptation, it was necessary to extract the base structure of the emergency and pavilion modules of the SISMAULE system, these were analyzed and adjusted to be integrated into the SINETSUR system.

Design and Development File Module

A web system called File Module was developed in the SINETSUR system in order to quickly and accurately determine the physical location of a file that has left the File or file warehouse.

Analysis and Design of a Global Management and Integration Methodology

The objective of this study was to centralize the information from different systems in a single repository.

Hospital Web Site Development

Web portal which allows you to disclose all relevant information to the regional community, in addition to maintaining communication between hospital employees.

Information Systems Integration Solution

An integration of several existing systems in the Regional Hospital was carried out, with the aim of keeping the information centralized and organized.

Interconsultation System Maintenance

Updating and adding modules to the consultation system was the main objective. Within the update, reports were included, which have been of vital help, for the management of interconsultations.

Cardiovascular system

The purpose of the cardiovascular system is to manage the information from the clinical records of all the patients in this unit.

Offline Interface Integration with FONASA

One of the main problems that existed within the service systems was communication with the fonasa system, given the above, the need arose to carry out the integration, which allowed speeding up response times.

Vehicle Management and Control System

The vehicle management and control system allows you to manage all the information related to the vehicles in circulation.

Inventory Control System

It allows you to control all warehouse assets, stock, reports, etc.

Service Support updating HP PPM projects

Service in charge of updating project documentation in the HPPM System (TIC Project Progress Control System). Professional focused on gathering and generating project documentation Recognition management system, invoice management module, contract workflow, implementation of electronic commerce functionalities, Ellipse reportability improvement, MER reports, PO activation and tracking system, operational budget control system , its main function is to keep the projects up to date with regard to the documentation of each phase of the project methodology used in the ICT Superintendence / 1 month

Service Support in ICT projects Plant

Service dedicated to the management of the Plant area project. Professional focused on technical advice on everything related to ICT infrastructure in projects managed by the plant area / 2 months

ICT Project Analysis Service

Service dedicated to supporting the management of the superintendency’s project portfolio. Professionals in charge of supporting the Engineers and Project Managers in administrative matters, generating reports, scope definitions, technical bases, detailed engineering, supporting the different providers in accreditation matters to initiate work, among others. / 24 months

Project analyst service

Service dedicated to support in the management of the project portfolio of the ICT Superintendency / 6 Months

TICA Project Analyst Service

Service dedicated to support in the management of the project portfolio of the TICA superintendence. Professionals in charge of supporting the Engineers and Project Managers in administrative matters, generating reports, scope definitions, technical bases, detailed engineering, supporting the different suppliers in accreditation matters to initiate work / 18 months

Technological Dispatcher Service

Service dedicated to the administration of security systems in the mining area. Professionals in charge of controlling and monitoring the collision and drowsiness alert system that operates in the heavy equipment of the mine pit, in addition to generating reportability that helps senior managers make decisions and safety measures / 9 months

Engineering Management and Quality Assurance Service in TICA Project

Service dedicated to the management and quality assurance of the projects of the TICA superintendence. Professionals in charge of the technical and security review at the beginning of the projects, in addition to reviewing the engineering presented in the preliminary project by the different collaborators of the TICA area / 6 months

TICA Project Engineering Service

Service dedicated to the management of the project portfolio of the TICA superintendence. Professionals specialized in the areas of telecommunications, automation, systems, and information technology in charge of carrying out the different projects in their different phases according to the PMI methodology, in addition to managing the costs, deadlines, scope and ensuring the safety of the participants throughout length of the project.

TICA Specialized Engineering Service

Service dedicated to the management of the project portfolio of the TICA superintendency / 3 months

Integration Project Engineer Service

Service dedicated to managing the integration of Systems managed by the Professional Superintendency in charge of directing and managing the integration of systems under the SharePoint platform / 4 Months

Support Services Project Engineer Collision Alert

Service dedicated to supporting change management in the mining area. Professional in charge of supporting the senior managers of the mine area in all administrative matters related to change management and security processes, as well as the implementation of new services and systems in the heavy equipment of the mine pit / 9 months

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