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Morris Ventures

We want to promote innovative solutions with a global impact!

Your venture can be a solution with a global impact, at Morris Ventures we want to help you grow in innovation and technical skills.

Why Morris Ventures?

We want to be part of teams and entrepreneurs who bet on solutions that allow us to create a better future.

With a strategic and financial vision, we work as a team to add value to your venture and establish connection with strategic partners and great opportunities in the market.

We help entrepreneurs create the next generation of innovative and disruptive solutions that have a global impact.

Whether you’re looking for help solving a technical challenge, hiring the right engineers, or finishing a fundraising round, we have the resources and benefits you need to get started.

We are here to help you achieve success, from conception to sales offer.

Our team of engineers and data scientists work closely with you to solve critical problems and push the technology frontier.

We invest in all stages and sectors, with a focus on business, life sciences, consumer, and cutting-edge technology.

Multiple benefits

Product development

Accelerate product development by gaining access to AWS experts and through architecture reviews, immersive workshops, and collaborating with our Morris Labs engineers.


Funding for marketing development, both cash and credit, to accelerate reach and offset the cost of campaigns, content development, and more.


Receive support from joint sales specialists to drive engagement with sales teams and create a well-defined strategy.

Get visibility

Needed to gain traction in the marketplace and access millions of AWS customers.

How do we do it?


We assign one of our scouts to analyse the project. Then, and after giving feedback if applicable, we continue to the next stage.


We hold meetings with the General Partners to gain an in-depth understanding of the area and the how-to of the business. We define and analyse KPIs and exchange feedback. We can indicate missing activities to finally move forward and monitor.


We jointly present the necessary documents to the Investment Committee (Term sheet, due diligence and others). If approved, we will invest between US $ 5K and 50K in the project, in which we will be part of your story.

Generation of Value

We become strategic partners of your start-up directory, providing knowledge and contacts. Likewise, we contribute with perks (AWS, HubSpot ...), we contact experts (Inbound Marketing, UX ...) and we proceed to increase investment based on a positive assessment of results.

Do you have a project that could have a great impact?

We want to meet you! What are you waiting to start?
It is an experience that will change your life. It is an opportunity to share your cause, mission and your voice with the world.