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Finally, what is Scaling with AWS?

You’re at home, taking a well-deserved break, no worries at all. Suddenly you realize you’ll have some friends visiting you. It’s been a long time since you met and you’ll have to host them. But you live in a 1-room apartment and you really want them to feel comfortable. Let the stress begin…

Then you decide to start a quick search and find an apartment with two rooms, next to your home, but it costs twice what you’re currently paying. You ask the owner if you can take it for only a couple of days and the answer is a firm “NO”. Your stress increases…

Determined to get a comfortable space for your friends, you choose to pay the double price and assume the minimum time the owner requests (1 year). Unfortunately your friends’ visit will take only a couple of days, maybe one week, and after that you’ll find yourself in a place beyond your needs, and which drastically affects your monthly budget.

If you could apply the Scaling that Amazon Web Services offers for you, the problem would be solved: you simply add a new room to your apartment, and when your friends leave, you remove the extra room.

This situation is very frequent in enterprise environments where the needs can be estimated, but under some circumstances they may increase considerably. You have to make the hard choice of increasing all your infrastructure, in spite of the short-term of the needs.

And this is where we at Morris & Opazo, an Amazon consulting partner, get into action. We analyze your current needs, your potential ‘critical’ moments, and increase your current infrastructure so it can ‘resist’ the extra load your business will receive. Once the needs have resumed with their normal rhythm, we are able to return your architecture to a more balanced status. Your costs remain under control, and you didn’t have to pay unnecessary expenses.

Easy, practical. In Morris & Opazo we are committed to your business, we scale your potential, and decrease your operational costs.

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