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Morris & Opazo present at ChileMass Innovation Day 2019 Massachusetts

To learn about the new developments that are being implemented in clean technologies and manufacturing, Morris & Opazo, a team always at the forefront and Partner Certified by Amazon Web Services in the specialty of Big Data Analytics, participated during April 9th at the ChileMass Innovation Day, a meeting held in the spaces of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, United States.

During the meeting, experts discussed different topics related to the challenges and technological advances in these areas and, consequently, the opportunities that could arise for Chile and Massachusetts as members and how to foster collaboration between both states.

It is important to remember that in this United States city, specifically in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, an energy efficiency plan was recently launched with aiming to address consumption through changes in transportation and construction technologies, in addition to seek to implement public policies that incentivize energy saving.

As part of the experience lived there, the Morris & Opazo team was able to get up close and personal with new ways of generating geoelectric energy, advances on solar energy and low emission mining, as well as developments, applications and prototypes carried out by some accelerators and incubators. like Mass Challenge Boston, Greentown Labs and Autodesk.

The Innovation Day is an activity organized by CORFO and Chile Massachussetts (ChileMass) to find opportunities for energy development and collaboration between both cities.

It is expected that the next meeting, according to President Piñera himself, could be held in the city of Santiago, Chile.


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