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Tapping into early cloud career talent to meet customer needs: AWS re/Start success at Morris & Opazo in Latin America

Editor’s note: This blog shares how Morris & Opazo, an AWS Partner in Latin America, is addressing the shortage of cloud skills with the help of AWS re/Start to grow its business and meet customer demand for cloud expertise.

When Morris & Opazo was founded 17 years ago, cloud technology was still in its early stages. As cloud adoption has accelerated across several industries in Chile, Peru, Colombia, and the rest of the Americas, cloud skills have become essential. The Covid-19 pandemic has prompted even more decision makers across Latin America to invest in cloud computing and seek cloud expertise from IT business solutions providers like Morris & Opazo, one of the first accredited AWS Partners in Latin America. In fact, 80% of its business goes through AWS and to support the needs of its customers, Morris & Opazo invests in training and certification for its employees, while implementing a long-term hiring strategy that ensures a consistent pool of entry-level cloud talent eager to launch their career.

Building a team with various cloud skills levels to meet the customer needs

Morris & Opazo strives to meet the needs of clients for Big Data and Analytics Solutions in various industries—ranging from established utilities, retail, tech, and startups—and complements technology tools with skilled consultants and engineers. To ensure the highest level of cloud expertise, Morris & Opazo delivers in-depth AWS Training to its personnel and validating their skills through AWS Certification. The in-house upskilling program at Morris & Opazo also aims at retaining experienced professionals who want to stay current and can unleash their full potential by getting access to the latest technology stack. In addition to offering skills development opportunities for internal employees, the company is hiring and investing in early career talent. In 2021 Morris & Opazo established an entry-level apprenticeship program fueled by the AWS re/Start workforce development training program. By recruiting talent with in-demand entry-level cloud skills from AWS re/Start, Morris & Opazo is creating balance in its workforce with engineers of varied maturity levels and diverse backgrounds and creating mentorship opportunities for tenured staff.

Cristobal Labbe

Cristóbal Labbe, a seasoned solutions architect at Morris & Opazo who achieved AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner and AWS Certified Solutions Architect credentials, leads Morris & Opazo’s collaboration with AWS re/Start. He focuses on cultivating early cloud career talent into the organization since the first cohort began at the company in 2022.

“There is a constant need to have cloud-skilled talent. Our work with AWS re/Start has helped to speed up the upskilling process that in turn helps us deliver pioneering solutions for our customers. Individuals starting their career in the cloud seek to enter the labor market quickly and have a voracious desire to produce results and participate in the challenging, yet exhilarating, work that lies ahead. AWS re/Start perfectly complements Morris & Opazo’s own talent development pipeline for cloud professionals.”

Connecting early cloud career talent and business in Latin America

Pablo Carquín Trujillo is an AWS re/Start graduate who joined the company in late 2021, after being contacted by Cristóbal. He is now an AWS Certified Solutions Architect and a proof of the success of Morris & Opazo’s training and recruitment strategy. As a child, Pablo always liked technology and would tinker around with software and hardware. As an adult, he was pursuing a Master’s in Nutrition, but didn’t feel fulfilled learning in the traditional college format and has now come full circle working in cloud technology.

“I was studying at Universidad Mayor but during my third year realized I wanted to find a new career direction where I can use my natural interests and talents. I learned about AWS re/Start from a friend and I knew it was exactly what I needed. I applied for the program and was very grateful to be selected,” shares Pablo. For him, the program was not only about learning technical skills, but it was also “a lesson on perseverance and sense of community.”

Pablo Carquín

The three-month AWS re/Start training provided is free of charge to learners and offers scenario-based learning, hands-on labs, and coursework for an entry-level cloud role. The program, available in Spanish, helps people like Pablo build technical expertise, reinvent themselves, and prepare for in-demand cloud computing jobs. As part of the training, students receive coaching on resume writing and prepare for job interviews. Technical background is not required and learners can apply for AWS re/Start in more than 40 countries including Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Coast Rica, Mexico, Perú, Puerto Rico, and Uruguay.

AWS re/Start supports the industry by connecting early cloud career talent with potential employers. Cristóbal commented, “AWS re/Start helps close a major gap in talent, especially when working with such a dynamic company like AWS where we work with new cloud solutions almost every day.”

The AWS re/Start participants from Morris & Opazo

Empowering employees to scale business

For Pablo, he has found just the right space in cloud computing with Morris & Opazo. He is working with Morris Labs, an ideation entity Morris & Opazo created in May of 2019, and is focused on assessing the business needs of clients to determine how IT can support these needs by leveraging software, hardware, or infrastructure. New hires like Pablo, get access to cutting-edge tech and more learning resources that ensure their professional development. “The collaborative, flexible, and encouraging work environment inspires me to do my best work on AWS,” says Pablo.

Pablo has also become a member of AWS Community Builders where he builds relationships with AWS product teams and AWS experts on behalf of his team. “The AWS Certification and AWS re/Start gave me the confidence to start and grow as an IT professional. I’m thrilled to collaborate with AWS Community Builders forum for Morris Labs and gain insights and share practical experience that benefits our business and customers,” he states.

Pablo is just one of 18 AWS re/Start graduates whom Morris & Opazo has hired to date and with their propelled growth, they expect 20 more graduates joining the team in 2022. “We are happy about the talented professionals coming our way through AWS re/Start. This is a win-win for companies and individuals as we look to define our own success and the future with cloud computing and AWS with its extensive offerings,” Cristobal concluded.

Learn more about AWS re/Start and AWS Cloud Education Programs

AWS Training and Certification Programs are preparing individuals for cloud roles throughout the globe, with significant growth throughout Latin America. We designed our curriculum, with AWS Cloud Practitioner certification exam available in Spanish, by working backwards from employer requirements, ensuring that graduates are qualified and prepared with the skills needed. If you’re interested in participating in or hiring from AWS Education Programs, you can learn more about Amazon’s workforce programs for the public and our commitment to provide free cloud skills training to 29 million people around the world by 2025. Learn more about AWS Training and Certification.

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