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Success stories – Artificial Intelligence: Novis – Sales Forecast

Sales Forecast

Success Story: Artificial Intelligence

About Novis

Novis is leader in the implementation and management of SAP solutions and digital innovation.

Currently, they have over 150 clients in Chile and Latin America, managing more than 300 instances and 30.000 users, with 150 consultants and SAP managers staff.

The problem

Several Novis’ customers face the challenge of obtaining reliable sales forecasts for multiple locations on a large set of different products.

Proposed solution

Our solution consists in the implementation of a recurrent neuronal network algorithm (DeepAR) using Sagemaker.

The output corresponds to a probabilistic distribution of predictions for each one of the forecasted time series (unique combination of products and locations), which facilitates the management and optimization of the relationship between stock-break and over-stock, without the need to incorporate a greater complexity when making decisions, nor additional human resources.

The benefits

The solution enables Novis to offer to their clients a more precise and faster of implement forecasting tool, thanks to the benefits of SageMaker including:

Fully managed training and hosting

Easy to scale

75% lower inference costs

Technology Stack


Amazon SageMaker provides every developer and data scientist with the ability to build, train, and deploy machine learning models quickly.


  • Decreased time spent on forecast preparation.
  • Improve business planning.

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