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Success stories: IKM – Document label analysis system for your internal logistics process

Executive Summary: 

Information and Knowledge Management (IKM) is a Colombian company specialized in business content management with a high impact on the digital transformation of organizations, basing its services on the integration of 5 pillars: cutting-edge technology, business intelligence for decision-making, information processing, consulting in information management and customer relations.

Morris & Opazo, an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Advanced Consulting Partner, supported IKM in its quest to improve its processes, developing a document metadata extraction system based on AWS services.

The challenge to solve

The company wanted to automate the extraction and storage of insurance policy metadata, defining a certain number of labels to identify: dates, amounts, items, codes, etc. Also, test Amazon Textract and Amazon Comprehend services for identification of such tags, as well as other storage and notification services.

Proposed solution

A technological platform, based on AWS, was implemented using automated services. This solution integrated flexibility and robustness when processing the documents, allowing the identification, extraction, and storage of the detected labels. As well as the sending of reports through simple notifications with synthesized information on the process of each document.


  • Reliability and security. Have a scalable, secure and reliable global computing infrastructure.
  • Important features at a low cost. The solution has a pay-per-use scheme.
  • Timely availability of information. Having the information consolidated in a timely manner allows the organization to make decisions faster.
  • Does not require a license and has high availability. Native AWS services are consumed, without the use of additional licensed software.

Used Technologies

The solution design was executed under the AWS Well-Architected Framework, which describes the key concepts for designing and executing workloads in the cloud following the good practices that AWS recommends.

Some of the AWS services used were:

  • Amazon Lambda
  • Amazon S3
  • Amazon Textract
  • Amazon Comprehend
  • Amazon SNS

Solution Reference Diagram


With the offered solution, IKM was able to obtain a better extraction of tags (metadata) from various document formats. The most complicated label to manage was the date, due to the different formats, however, our solution allowed its correct identification and standardization in the final storage process. The service provided allowed the client to meet their business objective, obtaining an AWS Serverless infrastructure that allowed them to improve their internal logistics process, reducing their document processing times.

IKM’s vision is to be the leading company in content management
companies as support for digital transformation, providing services to more than 50% of the main organizations in the energy

Morris & Opazo

Morris & Opazo is an advanced consulting partner of AWS in the data and analytics competition, with clients in Chile and the rest of the Americas. It works with public and private clients, leveraging big data analytics and cloud resources to deliver enhanced business solutions.

Their talent is theirs most valuable resource, expanding technical knowledge with your clients and staying at the forefront of innovation to help extract the most from available technology.

Source: AWS

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