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Use Case: Entel Perú – Recognition and Analysis of delivery service tags in near real time

Executive Summary: 

Entel Peru, a company of the Entel Chile group, began operations in Peru in 2014, offering various telecommunications services, being recognized as leaders in telecommunications in Latin America.

Morris & Opazo, an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Advanced Consulting Partner, has supported Entel Peru by implementing a solution that allowed it to improve decision-making and optimize its product delivery process via delivery service.

The challenge to solve

The process carried out by Entel Peru for the reception of packages and the digitization of their labels is carried out manually, thus occupying more production time, for which reason it wishes to have automated procedures, in order to optimize the calculation. of fast delivery routes for your products.

Proposed solution

A solution was implemented that consisted of an intelligent detection module for the alphanumeric characters of product labels (handwritten or printed from different types of fonts, captured from the camera of the client’s mobile device) which included image recognition and algorithms, as well as its entry into the system in a semi-automatic manner.

In addition to making available the data and meta data of the images in an OpenSearch cluster for consumption and analytics in OpenSearch Dashboards.


  • Reliability and security: Have a scalable, secure and reliable global computing infrastructure.
  • Agility: Greater speed for compute and storage deployments, and reduce associated costs.
  • Timely availability of information: Having the information consolidated in a timely manner allows the organization to make decisions faster.
  • Centralized Data: By having the data in one place, it is easier to carry out new analyzes that the business needs.
  • Does not require a license and has high availability

Used Technologies

The services used by this solution allow working under the AWS Well-Architected Framework, which describes the key concepts for designing and running workloads in the cloud.

Some of the AWS services used were:

  • Amazon Textract
  • Amazon Comprehend
  • Amazon OpenSearch Service
  • Amazon S3

Solution Reference Diagram


An automated flow was obtained that allowed the construction of a query repository by designing a dashboard that allows visualizing the collected data, as well as demonstrating the ability to extract and filter relevant information from images.

With this, Entel Peru was able to optimally manage and properly monitor part of its sales process.

Entel Perú

Entel Peru is considered the third largest mobile phone company in the country, recognized as the telecommunications company with the best customer experience for the services it offers.

Morris & Opazo

Morris & Opazo is an advanced consulting partner of AWS in the data and analytics competition, with clients in Chile and the rest of the Americas. It works with public and private clients, leveraging big data analytics and cloud resources to deliver enhanced business solutions.

Their talent is theirs most valuable resource, expanding technical knowledge with your clients and staying at the forefront of innovation to help extract the most from available technology.

Source: AWS

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