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Success stories – Big Data & Analytics: Aguas Altiplano – Data Lake

Data Lake Implementation

Success Story: Big Data & Analytics

About Aguas Altiplano

Aguas Altiplano delivers sanitary services, contributing to improve the life quality of the clients, continually improving the processes, with the participation of the collaborators and under compliance of the Integrated Management System for Quality, Environmental, and Safety and Occupational Health.

Voice of the Customer

For the first line management at Aguas Altiplano it has been the best and most efficient model to deliver solutions to our clients, at the most convenient costs.

The attitude and quality of the staff from Morris & Opazo has allowed us to execute projects with high quality for the final product, development standards focused on the processes and problems of our organization. Custom solutions have been an answer to the processes where commercial solutions have not.

Fernando Javier Valdés Álvarez, Corporate Systems Submanager.

The problem

As an alternative to decouple the storage from data processing and allow the incorporation of Big Data services, the opportunity to implement a data lake is seen as a good way to improve.

Proposed solution

Morris & Opazo proposed the creation of the first Data Lake in S3 for Aguas Altiplano, and from there start incorporating Big Data tools and services, to make the most out of the data they constantly collect.

The benefits


Greater agility and speed for compute and storage deployments and reducing associated costs.


Scaling to meet business demand without overprovisioning. AWS gives us scalability and elasticity.

Valuable features at low cost

High-volume low-cost storage for business-critical data that provides excellent features in compliance, availability and durability.


A Reliable, high-performance low-cost solution to provide a decoupled data storage with the ability to integrate with many Big Data services that will empower the company to explore, create and deploy valuable solutions.

Would you like to dramatically decrease your data-related costs and, at the same time, get more value from your data?

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