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Success stories – Big Data & Analytics: La Positiva Seguros Data Lake Implementation

Caso de éxito - Big Data & Analytics: Implementación Data Lake La Positiva Seguros
Caso de éxito - Big Data & Analytics: Implementación Data Lake La Positiva Seguros

Data Lake Implementation

Success Story: La Positiva Seguros - Data Lake

About La Positiva Seguros y Reaseguros

La Positiva Seguros y Reaseguros is the fourth largest group in the insurance sector in Peru, with approximately 4 million policyholders across the country, a market share of around 11% and consolidated premiums of more than US $ 500 million.

With 80 years of experience, the Group offers life and general insurance for both individual and corporate clients. The insurer has a presence in Peru, Bolivia, Paraguay and Nicaragua

Voice of the Customer

We recommend Morris & Opazo because they have proven to be a provider with a lot of experience in the Cloud and with quality in their work. A very disciplined workteam and committed to the client objectives.

Miguel Angel Pacora, Technology and Transformation Manager

The problem

Due to the requirement of meeting the directives boosted by the insurance companies regulators, who seek to reinforce the risk management, it is necessary to have services that allow to have visibility over the different areas of the business in an agile and timely way.

It is required a solution that supports the development of data replication process from cores and the latter development of the data model in the Cloud, as well as to enable advanced, agile and easy-to-use analysis

Proposed solution

Morris & Opazo proposed the creation of a Data Lake in AWS, for which they used components of their Big Data Framework, to get the most out of the data collected.

Considering the cores were implemented in different database engines (Oracle and Informix), it was used the solution Qlik Replicate for the ingestion stage of the Data Lake.

The solution also considered a replica of the core databases in a HUB database in the Cloud to support new initiatives of the corporation.

The benefits


More agility and speed for the compute and storage deployments, and reduce the associated costs.


Scalability to meet with the business requirements without over-provision. AWS provides us scalability and elasticity.

Important features at low cost

High-volume low-cost storage for critical data of the business that gives excellent features in compliance, availability and durability.

By using Qlik Replicate, it was possible to obtain a high performance in the ingestion, achieving real-time updates enabled by the world-class Change Data Capture (CDC), and with a very low impact in the operations.

Technology Stack

Qlik Replicate

Qlik Enterprise Manager

Amazon S3

Amazon Aurora

Amazon Glue

Amazon Athena

AWS ElasticSearch

AWS Lambda

AWS Step Function

AWS Transfer for SFTP


Amazon CloudWatch

AWS Cloud Formation



Trustworthy, high-performance and low-cost solution, to provide a decoupled storage of data able to integrate with many Big Data services, which will empower the Company to explore, create and integrate valuable solutions.

Would you like to dramatically decrease your data-related costs and, at the same time, get more value from your data?

Write us!

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