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Morris & Opazo - Consulting Certified by AWS

While Talkers Talk, Builders Build - Amazon Web Services - Amazon Build On

Sometimes starting the Cloud migration process can be overwhelming. No matter how much experience you have in Software Development or Implementation, if it is the first contact with the Cloud, there are important considerations that only Experience and Training in the Cloud provide. Experience and Training available in Morris & Opazo, certified by AWS.

Each Project and Company is unique in its nature and characteristics. Therefore, we adapt our Consulting process, which consists initially of:

Initial Assessment

First approach to the Company and the Project, to estimate final goals and necessary milestones, within the expected time and budget.

Detailed Analysis

Once the required solution (new or existing) is known at a high level, the necessary steps are detailed, taking into account the Best Practices acquired by Experience and Training.


Morris & Opazo is at your disposal to carry out the execution of the project, or also to serve as an expert guide for your own team to implement it.


To ensure the success of the project in its useful life, Morris & Opazo provides the necessary support and maintenance for the implemented system.

Morris & Opazo - Consulting by AWS Experts

Cloud Practitioner

Overall understanding of the AWS Cloud.

Solutions Architect Associate

Experience and knowledge of how to architect and deploy secure and robust applications on AWS technologies

Developer Associate

Development and maintenance of applications in AWS platform.

SysOps Administrator Associate

Deployment, management and operation of scalable, high-availability, and fault-tolerant systems in AWS.

Solutions Architect Professional

Design of applications and distributed systems in the AWS platform.

DevOps Engineer Professional

Provisioning, operation and management of distributed applications systems in AWS platform.

Big Data Specialty

Design and implementation of AWS services to derive value from data.

Benefits of consulting with Morris & Opazo

Enjoy a full regional support and consulting when paying for your AWS services through Morris & Opazo with local billing. You will get a saving (and possible return) in taxes.

AWS Cloud Starting Consulting

Starting to learn and develop solutions for the AWS Cloud should not be an impossible challenge to take on. But it is a process that must be carried out in an orderly and structured manner. For this Morris & Opazo has the experience and methodologies to take it by hand in this learning curve.

Morris & Opazo is AWS certified to:

Define what the AWS Cloud consists of and what its basic global infrastructure is.
Describe the basic security and compliance aspects of the AWS platform and the shared security model.
Define billing models, account management and prices.
Describe and propose the key services contained in the AWS platform, and identify their most common use cases.
Describe the value proposed and awarded by the AWS Cloud.
Describe and apply the principles of the AWS Cloud architecture.
Identify and apply sources of documentation or technical assistance.
Describe the basic features/core to distribute and deploy in the AWS Cloud.

Development Consulting in the AWS Cloud

By deepening knowledge and skill with the AWS Cloud, Morris & Opazo has the experience in developing, deploying and managing solutions on the AWS platform.

Thanks to this we have the AWS certifications for:

Design, develop and distribute cloud-based solutions using AWS.
Understand the services, uses and best practices of ‘core’ architecture of AWS.
Design architectures with independent components.

DevOps Applied to AWS Cloud

At Morris & Opazo we understand the importance of proper provisioning, operation and administration of distributed systems and that is why we have trained on the AWS platform to:

Define and distribute monitoring, metrics and record systems in the AWS Cloud.
Implement systems that are highly available, scalable, and self-healing on the AWS platform
Design, manage and perform adequate maintenance tools that allow us to automate operational processes.
Understand, implement and automate security controls, governance processes and validation of legal requirements.
Implement and manage systems and continuous delivery methodologies executed in the AWS Cloud.

Architecture of Solutions in the AWS Cloud

The design, development and implementation of applications and systems distributed on the AWS platform has been a constant in the projects developed by Morris & Opazo.

This has given us, among others, the following skills certified by AWS:

Design high availability, economic, fault tolerant and scalable systems.
Design Optimized Cost Architectures
Define operationally excellent Architectures.
Solve problems that arise during the implementation and distribution of solutions on the AWS platform.
Define Performance Architectures.
Implement and distribute systems in the AWS Cloud.

SysOps Administration in the AWS Cloud

At Morris & Opazo, the commitment with our clients is not limited to delivering the developed solution. We are certified to perform the development and maintenance of applications on the AWS platform.

This includes:

The distribution, administration and operation of scalable, high availability and fault tolerant systems in the AWS Cloud.
Automate the provisioning and distribution of systems and services in AWS.
Migrate an existing and installed application to physical locations, towards the AWS Cloud.
Implement and control the flow of data to and from AWS.
Ensure the integrity and security of data in AWS technologies.
Provide advice on AWS best practices.
Understand and monitor the metrics in AWS.
Estimate the costs of use in the AWS platform, and identify the ideal cost control mechanisms in each situation.

Big Data Specialization

For Morris & Opazo, the data of your company is a key and source of incredible value for your processes, clients and organization as a whole.

That is why we have deepened to acquire the skills and experience necessary to design and implement AWS services that allow us to derive the greatest value from the data.

Implement key Big Data services in AWS according to Best Practices in Architecture.
Take advantage of existing tools on the AWS platform to automate Data Analysis.
Design and maintain Big Data Solutions.

Design and apply a correct Big Data workflow, consisting of:


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