Morris & Opazo and AWS carried out the first Big Data Analytics Workshop 2019: “Building a Data Lake”

English version In an increasingly digitalized world, information has become an extremely valuable resource, especially for companies and institutions that work daily around it. The power of this large volume of content known as Big Data lies precisely in the ability to extract valuable data to make timely decisions and achieve competitive advantages. Starting from [...]

Morris & Opazo y AWS desarrollan primer Workshop de Big Data Analytics 2019: “Construyendo un Data Lake”

English version En un mundo cada vez más digitalizado, la información se ha vuelto un recurso sumamente valioso, en especial para las empresas e instituciones que a diario trabajan en torno a esta. El poder de este gran volumen de contenido conocido como Big Data, reside precisamente en la capacidad de extraer datos valiosos para [...]
Data Governance and Security - Morris & Opazo

Data Governance and Security

Versión Español Data Governance and Security Reduce security and privacy risks and meet compliance needs with a de-identified data lake Today’s companies amass a large amount of consumer data, including personally identifiable information (PII). This data contains a wealth of information that analysts can use to improve your business offerings; yet the sensitive data contained [...]

Building a Data Lake on AWS – Whitepapers – Amazon (AWS)

Versión Español A data lake is an architectural approach that allows you to store massive amounts of data in a central location, so that they are easily available to be categorized, processed, analyzed and consumed by various groups within an organization. Since data - structured and unstructured - can be stored as they are, there [...]

Construyendo un Data Lake en AWS – Whitepapers – Amazon (AWS)

English version Un data lake es un enfoque arquitectónico que permite almacenar cantidades masivas de datos en una ubicación central, de manera que estén fácilmente disponibles para ser categorizados, procesados, analizados y consumidos por diversos grupos dentro de una organización. Ya que los datos - estructurados y no estructurados - pueden ser almacenados como se [...]

Copias de Seguridad & Recuperación en AWS – eBook – AWS Partner

Versión english Los servicios de copias de seguridad & recuperación de Amazon Web Services permiten a los clientes apoyarse en los servicios de almacenamiento de objetos de Amazon como Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) y Amazon Glacier para el almacenamiento online económico de sus datos de copias de seguridad. Almacenar datos en el almacenamiento [...]

Backup & Recovery on AWS – eBook – AWS Partner

Versión Español Amazon Web Services (AWS) backup and recovery services allow customers to leverage Amazon object storage services like Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) and Amazon Glacier for cost-effective online storage of their backup data. Storing data in Amazon object storage eliminates the cost and maintenance needed to manage an on-premises storage solution. Download

Workshop Big Data: “Building a Data Lake in AWS”

Versión Español The concept of Big Data is becoming increasingly important at Enterprise and Commercial levels in Chile. More Companies are willing to take full advantage of all the potential that lies in their data, and that is why AWS Chile and Morris & Opazo (Advanced Partner specialist in Big Data) organized during the morning [...]

Workshop Big Data: “Construyendo un Data Lake en AWS”

English version El concepto de Big Data cada vez toma más fuerza a nivel Empresarial y Comercial en Chile. Más y más Compañías desean aprovechar todo el potencial que existe en sus datos, y es por esta razón que AWS Chile y Morris & Opazo (Partner Advanced especialista en Big Data) organizaron este viernes 9 [...]

Building a Data Lake on AWS – eBook – AWS Partner

Versión Español Organizations are tasked with managing greater volumes of data, from more sources, and containing more types of data than ever before. In the face of massive, heterogeneous volumes of data, many organizations are finding that to deliver timely business insights, they need a storage and analytics solution that offers more speed and flexibility [...]

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