Agile corporate strategy for healthcare

“Agile corporate strategy for healthcare” can be a weapon of choice for small, early-stage innovators trying to re-invent their marketplace, where the product is the company and there is uncertainty in the market. Agile Strategy is best used with high unpredictability, shorter investment horizon, heavy consumer-driven industry, and where investments are made incrementally to maintain […]

Healthcare can be Agile

Healthcare can be Agile – HIT Companies can strengthen client-vendor relationships by helping their clients “Be more Agile”. Agility can help teams better prioritize and focus. By structuring work into small consistent steps teams can more rapidly and continuously drive change. Simplicity, automation and face-to-face conversation can improve communication and coordination across business and tech […]

Agility vs. Disruption and Change

Disruption and change can make or break your business. Regardless of the industry your business needs to be lean and recession-ready at all times. “Agility” will increase your ability to adapt and adjust and better prepare you for disruption and change. Be mindful of these 4 things: Focus on effective communication and productive meetings, Build […]

Understanding opportunities and constraints is Agile

Defining goals, getting alignment on the priorities and a having a good understanding of the constraints can contribute to the success off your next project. A good approach for resolving constraints is to outline the objectives while also looking at opportunities and potential roadblocks. The Scrum framework aligns well with this approach. Scrum has helped […]

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Agile Requirements Development Management

Agile RDM–Agile organizations often struggle to keep pace aligning the strategy with the product backlog. This is critical for linking value and priorities into development sprints. Just-in-time requirements and weekly grooming efforts are key however, to truly unlock the value of Agile you should strive for a prioritized and estimated product backlog 2-4 weeks ahead of […]