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Deliver your website in minutes or hours on the AWS Cloud – Morris Opazo – Partner Chile

Website - Amazon Partner - Morris Opazo - Chile

Deliver your website in minutes or hours on the AWS Cloud

Amazon Web Services provide a flexible, highly scalable platform to deliver your websites to customers worldwide.

Why choose AWS for your websites?

Deploy in Minutes

Never wait for hardware procurement or deployment – provision the resources you need, when you need them.

Reduce Costs

Pay only for the resources you need with no upfront investments.

Gain Flexibility and Scalability

Scale your capacity up and down as needed to maximize website performance and resource optimization.

Websites & Website Hosting

Access secure resources for your websites from AWS with no upfront investment of capital. AWS helps you deliver the same level of security as Fortune 500 companies for your websites cloud deployment, without large upfront costs.

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What can you do with website hosting from AWS and Morris & Opazo?

Cost Effective

Access enterprise-class computing resources in a cost-efficient manner. Enable elastic consumption that scales with the needs of your organization with no long term agreements or upfront investments.

Global Websites in Minutes

Provide worldwide access to your website through access to hardware resources available around the globe. Increase your website’s reach without the need for costly hardware or upfront investments.

Shrink and Grow as Needed

Whether you are at the peak of a web-based PR campaign, or a lull in the middle of the night, AWS Auto Scaling can automatically provision the resources your website needs on demand.

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