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Morris Opazo

CI/CD Basic Example – Amazon (AWS)

CI/CD Basic Example: When we are talking about CI/CD (Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery) many times the concepts are considered more ‘philosophical’, forgetting about how to put…
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Construyendo un Data Lake en AWS - eBook

Building a Data Lake on AWS – eBook

Organizations are tasked with managing greater volumes of data, from more sources, and containing more types of data than ever before. In the face of massive, heterogeneous volumes of data, many organizations are finding that to deliver timely business insights, they need a storage and analytics solution that offers more…

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Logs with ElasticSearch – Whitepaper – AWS

Following the 12 Factor App Pattern, it is necessary to keep separated the logs processing from the application itself. To accomplish this, we are going to use the library slf4j (Simple Logging Facade for Java), which can be loaded through dependencies in the Spring Boot Framework. Download Whitepaper

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