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We want to prepare highly trained professionals!

Since May 2019, Morris & Opazo organized an internal Research and Development group. A professional group in charge of testing new technologies, new ways of developing software, as well as providing support to the various existing work teams within the company. “Morris Labs” is born!

But Morris Labs is not just an ‘internal consulting ’. This professional group “exploratory” focuses on obtaining and assimilating knowledge in new areas for the company. In Morris & Opazo it is essential to be able to offer our clients the best alternative in each of their needs, and this requires a ‘preliminary test ’of the possible technologies involved in these developments.

Among its main activities are being able to participate actively in conferences and events, which are subsequently responsible for socializing with the entire company, considering the projects in progress and potential future activities. Thus we reinforce the purpose of developing software in the hands of the professional and personal development of our human talent.

Morris Labs has the initiative to strengthen the Software Engineering skills of the entire Morris & Opazo team, renewing the passion for developing solutions according to new technologies that allow our clients to have the peace of mind of always having the most options Agile and powerful of the current market.

About the Education and Training Program

The Morris Labs Scholarship is a training and education program, offered by our company that is part of the AWS Partner Network, specialists in the development and implementation of technology projects through the Amazon Web Services Cloud platform.

Through the Morris Labs Scholarship, the professional is given the opportunity to train and train in new cloud technologies, but at the same time add them to the research and implementation of projects that ultimately impact the region, the country and also at scale. international.

The Morris Labs Scholarship is a process of continuous training in the field of science and engineering, the development of research and scientific and / or technological programs of AWS.

We have the support of Amazon Web Services (AWS) through its different programs, among which AWS Educate stands out, which seeks to provide comprehensive resources and training in cloud technology; offering access to content adapted to their knowledge in order to promote innovation in professional fields such as artificial intelligence, facial and voice recognition, games, medical advances, among others.

Here are the benefits for members of the Morris Labs Scholarship:

  • 6-month training period.
  • More than 40 AWS online courses with videos, manuals and evaluations, which will be guided by a professional specialist.
  • An AWS lab to do your labs and exercises.
  • 1 Certification exam paid by the company. (100 USD)
    Monthly bonus of 100 USD (total in the 3 months 300 USD).
  • A final evaluation and choose to enter the company as a certified professional in Cloud, once the scholarship is completed10
  • Be eager to learn and improve your professional development.
  • Be a graduate of computer science, systems, electronics, industrial, mathematics or similar.
  • Intermediate English or higher.
  • Be of age.
  • An evaluation and selection interview (online).


Join Morris Labs!