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Morris & Opazo: Experts in Cloud Technology. Awarded by AWS in recognition of partner leadership

As an AWS Partner with the Big Data Competency, we have achieved a high level of requirements such as evidencing our deep technical knowledge and/or consulting experience helping companies to evaluate and use tools, techniques, and Big Data technologies in a productive way with AWS.

This means that we have the knowledge, capability and tools necessary to help your organization to get the most out of its Big Data workloads in AWS.

Data Lake Solutions

Data Warehouse solutions

Data Analytics solutions

Official profile on Amazon Web Services (AWS) website

¿Porqué trabajar con Morris & Opazo?.

¡Somos especialistas en Big Data & Analytics y Machine Learning!

AWS entrega a Morris & Opazo reconocimientos “Ownership Award” y “Learn and be Curious Award”.

Rubén Mugártegui, Head of Partners Organization, MCO en Amazon Web Services.

“Morris & Opazo está entendiendo perfectamente cómo garantizar el éxito y la transformación digital hacia los próximos años”.

We are a company specialized in providing IT business solutions.

AWS Public Support Statement

Let the Morris & Opazo experience, an Amazon Web Services Advanced Consulting Partner, helps you in your migration to the cloud.

Our expert team has the highest level of official certifications from AWS.

Morris & Opazo is part of the AWS Partner Network, a global-scale members network oriented to organizations specialized in designing and manage platforms on Amazon Web Services cloud infrastructure.

Benefits of working with us

Competences of our Team

Skills and Experience in the Design and Implementation of Big Data Solutions.

Cloud Practitioner

Knowledge and skills necessary to effectively demonstrate an overall understanding of the AWS Cloud.

Solutions Architect Associate

Knowledge and skills necessary to effectively demonstrate an overall understanding of the AWS Cloud.

Developer Associate

Development and maintenance of applications in AWS platform.

SysOps Administrator Associate

Deployment, management and operation of scalable, high-availability, and fault-tolerant systems in AWS.

Solutions Architect Professional

Design of applications and distributed systems in the AWS platform.

DevOps Engineer Professional

Provisioning, operation and management of distributed applications systems in AWS platform.

Big Data Specialty

Design and implementation of AWS services to derive value from data.

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